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Dependency Injection for ES6 style Angular Directive – Updated! –

2017, February, 17
Posted in: angular, Web

Note! This is about directives written in Angular 1.4+ in ES6. In case you were thinking this was covering something new for Angular 2… I’ve (and the team I’m on) have been writing our Angular apps with ES6 for awhile now, and one thing that has frustrated me (us) has been dealing with directives written… Read more.

A Unit-Testing Thing: Spy objects can go anywhere!

2016, July, 8
Posted in: unit-testing

File this under: seems obvious but I didn’t think about it till now. let event = { keyCode: 9, preventDefault: jasmine.createSpy(‘preventDefault’) }; Some context: I’m currently dealing with Karma telling me that a function within an $event doesn’t have preventDefault() as a function. Okay. Well then… In my head, the $event is just an object…. Read more.

Angular 1.5+’s ported Angular 2 Router – Some Observations.

2016, April, 13
Posted in: angular, Web

I wish this were a post with things that someone might find useful. Instead it is more a spilling of my exploration with Angular 2 router that they’ve ported to newer versions of Angular 1 (1.5+ in my case). In a word: Awesome. In another word: Frustrating. Why? Well, it does what it does very… Read more.

ES6 & Angular: $watch Gotcha

2016, April, 1
Posted in: angular, Web

Any other controller would be easy to $scope.$watch a changing value. ES6 means that said watch has to be in the constructor. 1 Okay, easy enough to pick up on. BUT: constructor($dependancies, $scope){ this.$dependancies = $dependancies; $scope.$watch(‘thingToWatch’, (value) => { //do stuff } } looks fine, but thingToWatch should be part of this. Unfortunately the… Read more.

Starts and Fundamentals

2014, June, 24
Posted in: Web

Google Web Fundamentals Appeared over the past week and much like Bootstrap, HTML5 Boilerplate, and all the other template frameworks spawned since, gives any skill level another foundation to design and build a website. It that way, it really isn’t much different than some of the other foundation frameworks, but it does come with a… Read more.

A Change in Trade

2014, June, 21
Posted in: design, Web

So, for the past year, there hasn’t been much added to the site and to the blog. This has largely because I’ve had some rather large changes in my life. Leaving academia for the life of a front end developer. While I miss teaching design and web design, I find myself a lot happier. The… Read more.

Thinking on Webapps

2014, June, 17
Posted in: Web

In teaching web-design I tried to introduce the idea of creating real web apps and not just another portfolio or blog. This usually amounted to a demo or two involving localStorage. While this was a very superficial introduction to the idea of a full web app, I wanted to plant the seed that a site… Read more.

Beginner Tip for Opentype Features

2013, May, 23
Posted in: technology

Opentype font features give some pretty wonderful options for a more dynamic typeface. I did run into a couple of small problems setting up contextual substitutes for a script font. The o, v, and w in particular created the need for a special alternative character to keep the script connected correctly. What I should have… Read more.

Project Bankruptcy

2013, January, 17
Posted in: design, Teaching

A quick update on my situation and grounding for the following: I am a little more than 24 hours away from my tenure presentation and vote. I am incredibly anxious, which makes focusing on anything let alone preparation for my presentation very nearly impossible. I mention this situation and it’s associated anxiety because it’s a… Read more.

3 Spheres

2012, November, 21
Posted in: design, Teaching

I haven’t played with 3d or Blender in awhile. I realize that every time I don’t use Blender for more than a month, I come back and find that things have changed. The 5 second experiment was originally to mess with dupliverts, but ended up being an exploration in the build modifier.

Lines and Dots

2012, November, 21
Posted in: design, technology

I’ve been meaning to post this for awhile. This was a little 5 second project for 30 Days of Creativity.

Beaten to the Punch

2012, September, 11
Posted in: design, technology

And that’s okay. For the past few months (and after having played with a group of friends to develop an app), I’ve been looking at how designers can benefit from using a project/version management tool/site like github. I wracked my brain for projects that would work well for design, education, anything that would make life… Read more.

Further Thoughts on Education and G+

2012, July, 10
Posted in: design, Teaching

The last post on the subject of Google+ as a platform for an online course took a moment to list all the issues, fears, and possible positives as the course was just getting underway. Said course is now concluded and now an overview can begin devoid of anxiety about an untested platform. The G+ Learning… Read more.

Teaching through Google+

2012, June, 18
Posted in: design, Teaching

For a summer online session I am teaching, I am utilizing Google+ as a platform to communicate with my students. The early results are much better than trying the same thing with Google Wave. Unfortunately there have been a couple of similar repeats between the two instances. No one knows how to use Googe Wave+…. Read more.

Readability isn’t the Enemy

2012, May, 31
Posted in: design, rant

Readability introduced Readlists in which users can create meaningful lists of articles which are incredibly portable across devices, even insofar as being able to download an epub of the article set to read where ever and on what ever. For those that love services that strip the extraneous design from an article; the issue is… Read more.

Thinking about UI (Part 1)

2012, May, 4
Posted in: design

As useful as to-do lists are as an organizational tool, they fail me in nearly every form. Pen and paper work only as long as I remember to have paper with me and remember to occasionally re-write an updated list. Worse is the tendency to start whole new lists that either are superceed or are… Read more.

Playing with Bootstrap

2012, March, 19
Posted in: design, Teaching, Web

When learning the ropes of web design, designer students tend to feel like this something well beyond them. As they are forced to play with structure, style sheets, file paths an types, etc. it becomes easier. Hands on, writing markup is key. There will be mistakes, but they can see functionally why something doesn’t work…. Read more.

iBook Author Review (sort of)

2012, February, 2
Posted in: design, review, technology

This has been a long time coming. I’m not interested in adding to the hub-bub of digital rights and distribution. I have the knowledge to make e-books in multiple formats, I don’t like one, I’ll move to another. I’ll complain when that’s taken from us. In the meantime, I do want to go over the… Read more.

What happens?

2012, January, 25
Posted in: design, technology

Tantalizingly open questions I’ve had for the past week or so: Between the bulwarks of Amazon’s Format7 and Apples iBook format, where does epub3 fit in? As a designer that is not satisified designing a layout and expecting a third-party to get the rest right (or be able to port the content from format to… Read more.

It’s Easier

2012, January, 19
Posted in: design, Teaching, Web

Disclaimer I want to state before going on, that what I write here is prior to playing with any of the new ibooks stuff. Largely because I’m still updating my machine so I can run it. What follows is based on a lot of my ideas of current digital design creation as a skill rather… Read more.

What to do next?

2012, January, 17
Posted in: rant

Here’s a fun conundrum: What do you do when your list of things to do runs short? I’m facing this at the moment. Oh sure, I have a couple of projects wrapping up, just need shipping (as it were).1 The problem is a rapidly approaching semester and a work-load ready to wrap around me like… Read more.

Kickstart Education

2012, January, 16
Posted in: Teaching

I’m toying with the idea of pushing either a class, or independant study to think about creating a product or designs that people might pay for and Kickstart it for materials and a little profit. It seems to me that it’s a simple way to push a little entrepreneurial spirit and understanding in students. Make… Read more.

Educator’s Expectations Manifesto 0.9

2012, January, 14
Posted in: design, Teaching

Designers must have a balance between philosophy and craft. Design comes from the innovations of the Artificer, has been expanded upon by innovators and creative inquiry. Design education can either strengthen the aspiring designer or reinforce false stereotypes of the designer as beautifier of objects; not a skill but profession for those who’ve never had… Read more.

Cloud Design?

2012, January, 13
Posted in: design, technology

I have to find ways of combining things (or finangling them) for design. One that I haven’t seen much of has been how cloud computing is going to effect design. Which of course brings up the question of what cloud design would look like? In some respects we use the cloud now as constantly accessable… Read more.