John Vorwald

John Vorwald

Starts and Fundamentals

June 24, 2014

Google Web Fundamentals Appeared over the past week and much like Bootstrap, HTML5 Boilerplate, and all the other template frameworks spawned since, gives any skill level another foundation to design and build a website.

It that way, it really isn’t much different than some of the other foundation frameworks, but it does come with a great set accessible web standards (great with those learning). Not that other frameworks don’t try to do this, but what google is setting up here really points out best practices for the web in addition to being documentation for the framework. As opposed to just being documentation for the framework with the hope that it is following best practice standards.

While I like this, the thing that I really found remarkable about the fundamentals is the the webapp manifest file that is included in the base kit. I know I’m driving it into the ground, but I love the concept of web-apps that are accessible regardless of place or internet connection. That google is including this element that aids in that?


A beginner, or someone unfamiliar with web-apps can find this and discover they already have the foundation laid for something more than just a website. The barrier to make an app, to translate an idea into a working thing is lowered that much more.

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